Everyman sleep schedule – Days 7 and 8 (+reboot?)

This will be my last daily post, the next one should  be next Saturday. Also it seems like the “day” is somewhat confusing on this, as I’m already sort of writing in a weirdly offset manner because of when I started writing in the first place.

Waking up from the new core sleep was hard, but it just seems to be the case that it will be hard to wake up from the core sleep. It’s about 20 minutes after waking up now and I feel fine, so I just have to fight through it really.


  • Some non-work coding for about 30 minutes
  • Researched/started writing my blog for Skeptoid blog for about an hour
  • Read from Literary Criticism for about 15 minutes before feeling too tired and decided to go down for a nap at 6 am

So I think pretty productive and I did not consume any caffeine at this time.

Naps, and the Day

The “first” (now six am) nap went pretty well as I remembered it and I had coffee following it, so was doing pretty good though I did feel some tiredness creeping in.

Noon-time nap went fine but I felt a bit mentally tired but pretty sure I performed normally throughout the day.

We went to a friend’s house for dinner and I tried to take my afternoon nap around six there. However I’m fairly certain I never actually got to sleep, and just ended up resting a little bit. Following that I admit things went a bit downhill. I started to get a headache and had a certain feeling of being unalert/zombie-like. However, I was still able to play the board games we played and chat and not fall asleep. But when my wife and I got home and started playing one of the games on our own I could only get about 2/3 of the way done (around 10 pm) before having to call it a night. Was starting to micro-sleep and doze and still had the headache.


We got into bed and I tried to wait until 11pm or so for my newborn to wake up so we could give her the bottle feeding for that time. However, she slept until 1:15 or so (as did I). Because I’d only now slept two hours from that session, I was very tired and still had a headache (had actually gotten a bit worse). So I decided I would go back to sleep until 3 am or so, but did not actually set any sort of alarm. Instead, I reasoned, I let my new sleep cycle take over. That failed, I think because I was both over-tired and because it was only the second night of the re-adjusted sleep schedule (remember I had changed my core from 3:30 am to 11:30 pm or so). I didn’t wake up until 6:30 am. My wife was talking to me a bit around 4:30 or 5 I think but I just opted to sleep more rather than get up (she expressed feeling guilty that I hadn’t gotten up… but it was my doing).


I am not going to take this as a failure quite yet. Many of the journals I read online of fellow Polyphasers have some nights where they over-sleep quite a bit. Additionally, the previous nights were productive and I think it was “working” and I was adjusting. Puredoxyk, the sort of “chief evangelist” of Polyphasic sleep, definitely mentions it being a 4-5 day adjustment period. I was on the cusp of that, getting the most productive on my last couple of days. However I threw that wrench in by adjusting the sleep schedule to work better with married life.

So I am going to continue on for another week and re-evaluate at the end of that. If I have another Saturday (or any day) where I can feel myself being noticeably un-alert or have headache, I’m going to have to call the experiment a failure for myself. Additionally, I am going to lower my caffeine intake as well as switching to decaf (which I know, still has caffeine, but I like coffee). I think the stimulants are a bad idea on this sort of schedule, and can lead into a false sense of security. This is also the recommendation of the above mentioned Puredoxyk.


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One thought on “Everyman sleep schedule – Days 7 and 8 (+reboot?)

  1. r1fo December 29, 2012 at 7:39 am Reply

    I hope you’ve been keeping at it – please keep posting!

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